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  • Pinot Pairings…

    11 Nov 2021

    A Pinot Noir pairing for your Thanksgiving table!   California fresh meets New York pizazz – here’s a new take on a traditional Thanksgiving side dish! Tender yet […]

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    The Real Dirt on Harvest – Part Two

    29 Oct 2021

    The Cellar     It’s your friendly Melville investigators here ready to continue our exposé of the ‘real dirt’ about harvest. It’s another early morning and we’re gearing up […]

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    The Real Dirt on Harvest – Part One

    21 Oct 2021

    The Vineyard     It’s 3 am and we’re waking up (so you don’t have to) to go check on the harvest activity in the vineyard and show […]

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    Autumnal Equinox – Mother Nature Transitions

    22 Sep 2021

    As we move into the heart of September, the beauty and splendor of this time of year is magnificent to behold. Mother Nature is transitioning from the expansive […]

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    Spend your day the Melville way in the Santa Ynez Valley!

    20 Aug 2021

    Whether you’re coming for a day trip from Los Angeles or a weekend from San Francisco, the Santa Ynez Valley is an easy-to-get-to location that feels worlds away […]

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    Re-Discover Melville…

    28 Jul 2021

    Here at Melville, we pride ourselves on being a family-owned and operated winery settled in the magical Sta. Rita Hills of Santa Barbara County. While we talk enthusiastically […]

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    Summer Solstice – Mother Nature Transitions

    18 Jun 2021

      Once again the beauty and splendor of Summer Solstice is upon us; a pivotal moment for Mother Nature as she transitions from reaching for sun to now […]

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    What’s in a Name? A Spotlight on Sandy’s Pinot Noir

    13 May 2021

    When it comes to crafting a name of a wine, the process and thought behind it are not to be taken lightly. This is what identifies the winery, […]

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    Every day is Earth Day at Melville Winery

    21 Apr 2021

    On a spring day just over 50 years ago, people just like you and me took to the streets to fight for a healthy, sustainable environment. We now […]

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    Intention is Everything: The Making of Melville Rosé

    1 Apr 2021

    The phrase “Rosé all day” may feel like a trend to some, but it’s a lifestyle to many. So much so that practically every winery in California feels […]

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    Chemistry 101: The Making of Melville Chardonnay

    22 Feb 2021

    Most of us woke up to the world of chemistry in high school when our teachers introduced us to the periodic table. Whether we had a love or […]

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    Risk and Reward: The Making of Melville Syrah

    13 Jan 2021

    As the saying goes, “with great risk comes great reward.” We’ve all heard it – but to most, it’s simply an overlooked cliché. To us, it’s much more […]

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