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    When will I begin receiving my discount?

    • As a courtesy to new members, Melville extends club discounts immediately upon signing up for a membership. We do ask that members receive a minimum of one club shipment. If membership is cancelled prior to receiving the first shipment, a $75 cancellation fee will be charged.

    Which wines are included in each of the three shipments per year?

    • Each shipment will be different and may consist of Estate and Small Lot Collection offerings. We strive to provide thoughtful, limited production bottlings that explore the diversity of our vineyards. Our Small Lot wines typically focus on a specific block of the vineyard and reveal the truest expression of that terroir. Others may feature an interesting and compelling winemaking technique that enhances the characteristics of the fruit. Other bottlings will highlight specific clones either on their own, or in tandem with a complementary clone to further explore the unique characteristics that specific clones provide. Some shipments will include bottlings that are only offered to wine club members. Monopole shipments will include Monopole exclusive wines that may only be purchased by Monopole members.

    Can I customize my wine club order?

    • Yes! As long as you are receiving the minimum number of bottles (three for Premier Cru, six for Grand Cru, and twelve for Monopole) you may customize your shipment with any assortment of club wines available in the package or other current releases.

    Do you offer a red wine/white wine/Pinots only membership?

    • We can note a “reds only” preference in your membership and for any shipments that include a white wine we will automatically select a different bottle for you (this typically only impacts the Spring order).  Because you are welcome to customize each shipment, we do not offer other preference clubs such as “Pinots only”.

    How will I be notified of upcoming shipments?

    • Our shipments typically go out in January, April and October each year. Prior to each shipment we will send email notifications about your order with information about any pick-up parties, important dates associated with the shipment, etc. To ensure you receive these important updates, please remain subscribed to our mailing list. You may also need to update your email settings to ensure the emails do not go to a spam folder.

    When will my credit card be charged?

    • Approximately 2-3 weeks prior to each club shipment. The specific date will be noted in the email communications prior to any charges being made.

    Do I need to be home to sign for the delivery of my wine club shipment?
    Yes.  Federal law requires that an adult over the age of 21 be available at the delivery address to sign for a package that contains alcohol.  Here are some available options to ensure smooth delivery:

    • Ship to a business address instead of a home address.
    • Ship to a convenient FedEx pickup location. Search locations here. Hours and hold times vary, so double check when you select your location.
    • Request a custom ship date for a time frame when you will be available (email or call us).

    What if I want to pick up my shipment?

    • A pick-up option is available when signing up on our website as well as in our tasting rooms.  We will have Pick-Up Parties for each shipment at the winery exclusively for Grand Cru and Monopole Members, and an annual party for Premier Cru members. You can change your preference between ship and pickup as suits you best for each club run.

    What if I need to skip a shipment?

    • We understand that there are times that you may not be able to receive a shipment. We permit up to two skipped shipments. After your second skipped shipment, your membership will be deactivated. During the time frame that your account is on hold, you will not qualify for complimentary tastings at the winery, however your club discounts will remain in effect.

    Can I change my club level?

    • Yes! If you would like to change levels, just let us know and we are happy to adjust your membership and your order. If you upgrade your membership, we request that you receive a minimum of one shipment prior to changing back.

    What if I need to cancel?

    What if I need to cancel after my club order was charged?

    • We request that you cancel your membership prior to your credit card being charged. If you need to cancel after this point, we can refund your order prior to it shipping out. Once the shipping label has been processed we cannot refund the shipping fees. If your package has left the building and needs to be recalled, there will be a return fee as well.

    Will I be able to taste wine club wines when I visit the winery?

    • Wine club wines are produced in limited quantities and are exclusively for our members.  While we do not list them on our tasting room flights there may be the occasional club wine open in our Estate Winery tasting room that we are happy to share with our members.  We always try to make the most recent club wines available for tasting at our pick-up parties as well.

    Can I re-order more of a club shipment wine?

    • It depends on the bottling.  Some of the bottlings that go out to our wine club will be too limited to offer additional orders for them.  Otherwise, the club wines will be available to you in the tasting rooms and online after you have logged in to your account. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in purchasing a wine that is not listed on our website!

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