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  • Grateful…

    23 Nov 2021

      Hi, “Grateful” is one of my favorite words. If you know me well, you might assume it’s because of the greatest band of all time, but, this word and […]

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    Love in the Time of Covid-19

    2 Apr 2020

    “We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right.” -Nelson Mandala It’s been a while since I posted a journal […]

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    24 Jan 2017

    Some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in life have been from my dad. This might surprise people who know us both because we’re very different people. When […]

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    The Walking Dead (Tired)

    13 Oct 2016

    One Day in the (not so) Glamorous Life of a Winegrower You know how sometimes, when you wake up in the dead of night, it takes a few […]

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    Eyes of the World

    14 Sep 2016

    Three years ago, my mom passed away suddenly. It was a tremendous loss, to say the very least. Before she passed, I kept telling myself that one day, […]

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    29 Jul 2016

    How High’s the Water, Mama? I’m a Libra. And, while I don’t know if I believe ALL of that astrological stuff, it just so happens that I’m always […]

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    Turning Japanese

    15 Jun 2016

    With the debut Notebook, a collection of excepts from my daily journal entries, I hope to share what is unfolding at Melville on a regular basis. I’ll be […]

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    The Immutable Sta. Rita Hills Appellation

    23 Aug 2016

    The founding of our family winery, by my father, Ron, was based upon a very purposeful decision. After searching up and down California for a piece of land […]

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