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  • Valerie Wood – Tasting Room Lead
    Valerie has been at Melville for over a decade. “Basically, I was asked to fill in for someone who was going on an extended holiday for 3 months. Three months turned into 12 years.” “I can vividly remember my first day: I was asked to listen and observe, but it was a Saturday and we got really busy, so I just kind of jumped in, and that was it, I loved it.” “Melville is a special place – good wine, good energy, good people.” In her spare time, Valerie enjoys camping, volunteering at a local animal shelter and eventually hopes to visit all of our national parks.


    Becky Rudar – Tasting Room Lead
    Becky grew up in a small town in the Midwest. At age 20, she decided to travel the country for several years, experiencing different states and lifestyles. Her passion for wine first sparked when she was managing a fine dining restaurant in Arizona. “The restaurant had two incredible wine cellars filled with an assortment of vino from all over the world. It not only helped my palate evolve, but also triggered a passion to learn.” She moved to California and submerged herself in the wine world. It was just a twist of fate that she fell into the Melville brand and the best thing that could have happened. She now lives in Santa Barbara with her husband and runs Melville’s tasting room on State Street.


    Ryan Lamb – Warehouse Manager
    Ryan Lamb is a man of few words, so his job as Warehouse Manager suits him just fine. He loves his current role as Warehouse Manager, and says that the other employees have taken to calling him the “Tetris Guy.” “I need to get everything to fit in exactly the right place, especially during harvest, when there is less space to work with. “Harvest is the craziest time of year, Ryan admits, but it’s also one of the more exciting times of the year for him. “I like the energy here during harvest. It’s a busy time.”


    We’re looking forward to your visit at Melville~