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    How can I track my package?

    • We will print FedEx labels prior to shipping your packages out. You will receive an email confirmation with your tracking number. The number will not be available to view on FedEx.com until the packages ship out and are scanned by FedEx. 
    • Our system will send you an email alert for any failed delivery attempts, if your package is held, and when your package is delivered. 
    • If you want additional tracking updates, you can check the status at any time by entering your tracking number on www.FedEx.com. To receive additional automatic updates, enter your email address on the tracking page and click “submit”. 

    I just realized I won’t be home and can’t sign for the package. Can I have it held? 

    • Yes! Visit www.FedEx.com and enter your tracking number. In the “Manage Delivery” section, select “Hold at Location” and then select the facility where you’d like to pick it up. Requesting a “vacation hold” will hold that package, and any other deliveries during your specified time frame which is longer than the standard hold times. 

    I missed my first delivery attempt. What now?

    • FedEx typically attempts delivery three times. The hours vary depending on if your address is residential or a business. Residential delivery attempts may take place on Saturdays. After three failed delivery attempts, your package will be routed to a hold facility for pickup. Hold times vary by location but are typically 5-7 business days. To find out where your package is located, check your door tag and/or look up your tracking number on www.FedEx.com. 
    • If the package is not delivered and not picked up from a hold facility in time, it will be returned to the winery. Additional shipping fees will apply to re-ship your wine. 

    My order go put on hold due to poor weather in my area. When will I receive it? 

    • We do our best to plan ship dates and may ship certain areas either before or after the scheduled ship date to accommodate the weather. We check held packages weekly and as soon as it’s safe to ship we will contact you with a new ship date! Depending on the time of year, it may be several weeks or months before we are able to send your wine. 

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