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  • Summer Solstice – Mother Nature Transitions


    Once again the beauty and splendor of Summer Solstice is upon us; a pivotal moment for Mother Nature as she transitions from reaching for sun to now gently letting go of its embrace. A transition every creature on the planet recognizes that should be celebrated with grace and humility. 



    It is beautiful to witness the transition taking place in our vineyard. The vines are rich with growth as they have been focusing on their shoots and developing a canopyto protect their growing grape clusters from the sun and elements. Aswinegrowers we observe what Mother Nature presents and adapt to her gifts with both respect and intention. Presently this means intentionally and carefully removing some of the canopy growth to allow sunlight and air flow to reach the budding clusters. This process, called leafing, is done entirely by hand and requires both intellect and patience. It’s inspiring to watch our crew approach each and every one of our vines uniquely, observing and preparing each for the next phase of the growing season.




    During the days, weeks, and months leading up to this pivotal day, the vines incrementally gained sunlight each day. Summer solstice marks a transition for the vines, as they now inherently understand that with less sunlight each day their focus shifts from canopy growth to fruit growth. Flowering is nearly complete and fruit set happening. In the coming months we will see the berries grow and transition once again during veraison, when they turn from their green hue to brilliant shades of red or golden yellow depending on varietal. Before you know it, it will be late August and we will be preparing for another harvest. The transitions continue.




    Our vines are not the only ones changing their focus during this time, we are as well. As farmers we try to observe what Mother Nature presents and adapt to her gifts with that respect and gratitude. The decisions we make are intentional to the core to benefit Mother Nature and the wine in your glass. We would like to thank her, but also celebrate you! As transitions go, the past year has been a big one. But with your grace, respect, and humility, our next transition is again one of beauty and splendor.


    Cheers to you and cheers to the future of this natural world.




    – Chad Melville (Co-Founder & Head Winegrower)

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