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    Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “natural wine” and have been wondering…what does this mean?

    While there might not be a clear definition of “natural wine,” we wanted to take a moment to share some of our thoughts on the subject and what “natural” means to us. Most people would agree that for a wine to be considered “natural” it would have to meet some generalized criteria, such as having been grown without pesticides or herbicides and made with little to no additives. “Natural wine” is also typically produced in small amounts by boutique wineries using more traditional (vs. industrial) techniques, such as fermenting with natural yeasts.

    Although “natural wine” seems to have become a trendy catch-phrase, what it’s really describing is a very traditional method of winegrowing and winemaking…dating back hundreds of years or more when technology didn’t exist and being “natural” was really the only way to do it. Today, with many big-business wineries using pesticides and non-traditional winemaking methods, the concept of “natural wine” has been brought into the limelight. How do we see ourselves?

    At Melville, we don’t chase trends. What we are is a family-owned, boutique winery dedicated to being 100% estate grownand organically farmed…and we have been for more than three decades. We are low-interventionists with the utmost respect for the natural process. We ferment using native yeasts and are a hand-grown, hand-made operation crafting wines in a traditional method…that’s as natural as you can be. At the end of the day, we’re proud of the choices we make as farmers, so you, as consumers, can feel good about what’s in your glass.

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