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  • Ensuring all are safe & sound at Melville

    Our top priority at Melville is to ensure the health and safety of our guests and employees. We would like to share highlights of the protocols we have put in place at our tasting rooms here, however full documentation can be found at both our Santa Barbara and Lompoc locations.
    Our employees are:
    • Trained on the symptoms of Covid-19.
    • Conducting health screenings outlined by the CDC prior to each shift.
    • Staying home if feeling unwell.
    • Trained on proper hand washing and cleaning techniques.
    • Wearing masks and gloves at all times.
    • Maintaining social distancing from both customers and colleagues whenever possible.
    Cleaning procedures:
    • We will conduct thorough and regular cleaning and disinfecting in high traffic areas and on high touch surfaces
    • All wine glasses will be sanitized in hot water with detergent and a rinse agent in a self-contained dishwasher
    • Sanitation equipment approved by the EPA for use against Covid-19 will be stationed throughout the winery/tasting room.
    Guest interaction:
    • Guests will be greeted at the edge of the parking lot by a team member.
    • At this greeting table we will provide hand sanitizer and have full procedures and certifications on display.
    • Guests will be screened for Covid-19 symptoms and have their temperature taken with a touchless thermometer.
    • Guests will be given a one-time use menu.
    • After making food and drink selections (MUST order food with wine purchase), guests will receive utensils pre-rolled in a napkin.
    • Glasses/bottles/food will be brought to each table on a tray and placed on the team member by a team member wearing gloves
    • At the conclusion, guests will be charged via a touchless point of sale system and receive a receipt by email.
    We have placed signage in strategic and highly visible locations to help communicate both our guidelines and reminders for best practices to ensure the health and safety for all. Once more, safety is our priority, and we welcome both your questions and feedback. Ensuring you enjoy your time at Melville is also our priority and we look forward to the opportunity to share our wines and hospitality with you once again! Thank you for your continued support.

    Estate - 805.735.7030
    Santa Barbara - 805.770.7952