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  • Pinot Noir Dijonnaise Clones

    Clone 113
    4.2 acres planted
    One of the “teen” series of Dijonnaise clones, clone 113 is perhaps the most elegant and highly perfumed, lending wines high-toned elements in the nose. When properly managed, wines can possess nice weight and body as well. To amplify a wine’s beauty, Melville will generally de-stem all of the fruit.

    Clone 114
    4.5 acres planted
    The second in the series, clone 114 is often overlooked despite the fact that it has a considerable impact on wine. Clone 114 is dark, soft, and rich, making it a significant unifying component. Due to its cohesive nature, it responds well to stems, which Melville uses quite liberally. This clone makes up approximately fifty percent of Block M.

    Clone 115
    19.2 acres planted
    By far the most widely planted of this clonal grouping, clone 115 is undeniably the most important clone to surface in the past decade of California’s vineyard advancements. In fact, if forced to select only one clone, the Melville crew would unanimously agree upon this one. Clone 115 works great on its own and also serves as the backbone to Melville’s entire pinot noir program. Currently, this clone is planted in seven separate sections, on three different rootstocks. In addition to contributing to the estate wine, it makes up fifty percent of Block M, a generous portion of Terraces, and the entirety of the Indigene bottling.

    Clone 667
    8.4 acres planted
    This clone (along with clone 777 mentioned below) came into the U.S. about five years after the “teen” series. Clone 667 is typically perceived to be a structure clone as it can be quite angular. It has very pure, high-toned aromas and great persistence in the mouth. Due to its inherent firmness, Melville typically opts to de-stem the majority of the fruit.

    Clone 777
    11.5 acres planted
    This clone has experienced a significant surge in planting, similar to clone 115. It is known for being very dark, rich, and showing beautifully when produced on its own. Thus far, it has resulted in very intriguing and complex wines that merit careful attention.

    Clone 459
    .6 acres planted
    This budwood was procured from Seasmoke Cellars and grafted into Melville’s estate in the spring of 2004. As the clone is still quite new in California, there remains much more to learn about the resultant wines.

    Clone 828
    6.4 acres planted
    Grafted into Melville’s estate in the Spring of 2004, the family is thrilled about the potential of this relatively new clone, which has been well-received by many. While a portion of the vines was brought in from a nursery, the majority was procured from Merry Edwards’ estate vineyard in Sonoma.

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