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    Introducing our Winter ’23 Club Wines – available now!
    We have three new releases for all member levels, plus one exclusive wine for Monopole members in this collection. For access to exclusive wines and so much more…become a Melville member! Join here.


    2021 Estate Pinot Noir – Block M

    Small Lot Collection – Santa Rita Hills

    Atop a wind-swept mesa…cold-climate and dense soil deliver concentrated fruit.

    Sitting above the Terraces on the top of the westside hill lies Block M, exposed directly to cold Pacific wind and intense sun. The soil is a compact botella clay with a hardpan dropping 18 inches underneath the topsoil, providing a dense and challenging layer for the roots to penetrate. Planted north to south of two Dijon clones (114 and 115), our farming focus is to provide balance to this highly stressful area. Block M responds remarkably with smaller berries and clusters, producing a rich and full-bodied wine. Clone 114 is known for its lush and tender texture, while 115 delivers higher-toned fruit components and is more pronounced structurally. These clones work harmoniously together to create a complete and compelling bottling – the richest, roundest and most full-bodied of our Small Lot Collection.  80% whole cluster.

    Tasting Notes: The epitome of “sense of place,” Block M mirrors in the glass the intensity endured at the hand of Mother Nature. Thick skinned berries create textural power and intensity, flooding the mouth with flavors of rhubarb, concentrated dried cassis, and warming fall spices. Hints of slow-drip coffee grounds follow with savory tannins, balanced by an electric freshness. Block M holds up beautifully with grilled or braised red meats and rich sauces.


    2021 Estate Pinot Noir – Terraces

    Small Lot Collection – Sta. Rita Hills

    Exposed to extreme elements…the more a healthy vine is stressed, the greater the reward.

    The Terraces block sits on a sloped and terraced hillside, with each individual row receiving a direct hit from the cold Pacific Ocean wind. Wrapping around Block M in a “peninsula” shape, the Terraces face varying directions – north, northwest, and due west – cascading down a steep terrain made of clay-rich loam with chunky calcareous shale soil. These facets create several different sun exposures, limited water holding capacity, and when combined with the freezing cold wind, lead to a naturally “devigorized” environment producing intense fruit. Planted in 1997 by Brent Melville and the vineyard crew, this small lot of only 4.9 acres is an interesting combination of two old-school California selections of Mt. Eden and Joseph Swan, plus three Dijon clones (115, 667 and 777). 60% whole cluster.

    Tasting Notes: The elegant and abundant aromatics hit immediately with freshly cooked cranberry sauce, red English rose and dried orange zest. On the palate, the fruit and floral notes are reminiscent of the nose, with an additional layer of black tea, Meyer lemon and that iconic ocean spray found in many past vintages. This wine is tied together perfectly with fine sandy-grain tannins and luscious acidity. Pair Terraces with blackened rock cod tacos or a BLT for an unexpected twist!


    2021 Estate Syrah – Indigène

    Small Lot Collection – Sta. Rita Hills

    A wild and indigenous fermentation…capturing complex aromas and flavors.

    The Indigène Syrah is fermented using only naturally occurring native yeasts from the fruit, vineyard and winery, present in healthy amounts due to our organic farming methods. These yeasts activate to develop multiple layers of aromatics and flavors, lending to a unique and spontaneous profile with tucked in fruit components delivering savory earth, soil and mushrooms tones. Complex and balanced, our 2021 Indigène Syrah displays rich aromatics, remarkable depth of flavors and unique textures, with native yeasts capturing a true expression of terroir and honest character of site.

    Tasting notes: Purple lilies, fresh turned earth and foraged mushrooms permeate the nose, highlighted with a whiff of black plum. On the palate the wine has a lovely silkiness, showing off a delicate side. Underripe blackberries, damp mountain forest and shiitake mushrooms are wrapped into delicate tannins and acidity that tastes like you bit into a blood orange. This graceful syrah would be a stunning complement to beef carpaccio topped with mushrooms, or a mid-rare dry aged NY steak sprinkled with Maldon salt flakes and fresh-cracked pepper.


    2021 Estate Pinot Noir – Block C Vosne-Romanée

    Small Lot Collection – Sta. Rita Hills – Monopole Exclusive

    Pure elegance from a world-renowned vineyard…

    Back in 1997, one of our neighbors brought over cuttings from a very famous, if not the most famous, vineyard in Burgundy, France called Romanée-Conti, in the village of Vosne-Romanée. It was selected for its small berry, small cluster, and very intense fruit characteristics. These cuttings were then brought to Foundation Plant Services to go through the proper protocol of cleaning up, to ensure no disease before propagation. It took 20 years for them to be ready, and we planted our vines in 2018. Harvested in 2021, we are thrilled with the results! 

    Tasting Notes:  An instant classic, this wine transcends the category of “domestic pinot noir” with an exceptional Sta. Rita Hills quality on par with any world-renowned winemaking region. Like the New York Philharmonic, every component plays harmoniously with the next. The nose is floral and fresh with Cara Cara zest and strawberry flowers, and the palate is perfectly balanced with signature lively acidy and tannins, showing that the wine will age gracefully and pair well with a variety of dishes. The fruit components flaunt a perfect sun-warmed strawberry found at the farmers market, along with a kiss of citrus and amaro liqueur. Pure elegance, this impressive and momentous wine will linger on your palate and in your memory.


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