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  • How do I sign up?

    A. Look under the “Store” tab on our website click on “Order Online” and follow the prompts from there. Or one can contact the winery directly via telephone at 805.735.7030 or via email at wineclub@melvillewinery.com.

    When will I begin receiving my discount?

    A. Immediately upon signing up and on all future orders for wine, events and merchandise.
    B. This special discount also applies to any large bottle formats.

    I thought I was already a member of Melville’s Wine Club?

    A. You may be on our mailing list which is different from this Wine Club. The Wine Club membership means that we will be sending out 3 shipments per year of various bottlings. Our mailing list customers will still receive the newsletters featuring our regular bottlings and events that they are accustomed to. The three new wine club levels are a completely different offering with several more advantages, discounts and access to special limited bottlings.

    How do I update my membership information such as my address, phone number, credit card and email address?

    A. One can go to our website under the “Store” tab click “Order Online” and “Log In”. Or, you can email us at wineclub@melvillewinery.com or contact us via phone at 805.735.7030.

    Can I re-order more of a club shipment wine?

    A. It depends on the bottling. For Grand Cru and Monopole Club Members some of the bottlings will be too limited to allow this. For other shipments, yes there will be an opportunity to order extra bottles of certain wines.

    When will my credit card be charged?

    A. Approximately 3 weeks prior to each club shipment.

    How will I be notified of my shipment?

    A. Approximately 2 weeks prior to each shipment we will send an email alerting you to their upcoming arrival. We can easily defer or hold shipments should you want to arrange a different delivery date.

    What if I want to pick up my shipment?

    A. Absolutely okay.
    B. We will have Pick-Up Parties for each shipment at the winery exclusively for Grand Cru and Monopole Members, and an annual party for Premier Cru members. You will receive an invitation via email for all wine club and winery events.
    C. We can also schedule a pick-up within one month of the above dates should this be more convenient.

    How do I arrange for a tour and tasting?

    A. Please email wineclub@melvllewinery.com or call us at 805.735.7030.

    I am a Monopole member how many free tastings can I get at once?

    A. As a Monopole club member, you are welcome to bring a group of up to 8 people and
    receive complimentary tastings. We are happy to offer a $5 tasting fee to any additional guests.

    Gift orders – limited subscriptions?

    A. Gift subscriptions are of course accepted.
    B. A handsome gift card will announce the gift subscription to the gift receiver.

    Will I be able to taste wine club wines when I visit the winery?

    A. Not in the Tasting Room but wines will be available at member only events.

    Will there be a charge for the member events?

    A. No, not for most of them (i.e. Pick Up Parties). Discounted rates based upon membership level will also apply towards special events.
    B. Tickets may be charged for the more technical and unique events like educational symposiums and library dinners.

    What wines are included in each of the three shipments per year?

    A. Each shipment will be different. Premier Cru shipments will consist of our Estate and Small Lot Collection bottlings. Grand Cru and Monopole shipments will also include unique, smaller bottlings that explore the diversity of our vineyards as well as ideas Chad Melville find interesting and compelling.

    How many Club Members will be allotted for each level?

    A. Premier Cru – No Limit
    B. Grand Cru – 600 members
    C. Monopole – 200 members

    How do I open Small Lot Collection Bottles with Wax Tips?

    The wax will open by plunging the worm of your corkscrew straight through the wax (as if it weren’t there). We recommend using a waiter’s (double hinged) corkscrew. It may take a bit more effort pulling the cork through the wax, but it will pull through.